Our Advocacy

The movies we watch defines who we are. A majority of the movies from Hollywood have molded and shaped our understanding and perception of the world. Very little Filipino films have captured our attention with their predictable storylines. The emergence of the local Indie film scene is making its way into our hearts with its genuinity, sheer genius, passion, and creativity. By supporting this form of art we can dictate where our entertainment industry will go.

Who We Are

We are a community seeking to convince those who are unaware of local Indie films to watch and show support. We will give you insight on why these films are worth watching, what is currently going on, provide you with a schedule of films currently showing, films to watch out for. The local Indie film industry is rising and it’s time to show our support.

Why supporting the Filipino movie industry matters

Without knowing it, the greatest films of our time is shaping what we think and perceive of love, politics, and music. A great film has the ability to transform, persuade people to live and pursue their dreams. Just one amazing film can change the way you feel forever. 

Whether we like it or not, the Filipino movie industry has a lot of catching up to do when it comes to promoting the culture of supporting Ground Breaking Directors. 

If we think protests matter then we should also put careful attention with the quality of movies being created-because this is what shapes society- the films we see, the stories we hear.

Movies have the ability to shift our gaze- our understanding and in this day and age, this is the most important Entertainment form that must be given attention to. If you want to make the younger generation reflect deeper, if you want to make the Philippines a great nation- then it means you need to start funding Award Winning Films and scripts that are set to challenge the mind of the next generation.

Watching films and screenplays that only denote the lessons that a Vice-Ganda and Vic Sotto can provide-is not even entertaining anymore- the messages that they provide, the lessons is the one that the viewers will carry-and we have a big responsibility of changing the message that the audience will receive. 

So many young film directors and scriptwriters are emerging and these filmmakers are going to change the movie industry as we know it. 

Watch and Recommend Filipino Indie Films

In simply watching Indie films and paying for them- you support an entire industry of creatives- there are a lot of writers who are waiting to tell a new story, they just cannot simply fund themselves alone-one of the main advocacies in life right now should be supporting and writing about emerging directors and actors that are capable of changing the way we see Filipino films. 

There are a lot of interesting stories waiting to get turned into a film- modern stories that could, in turn, become classics and could tell the story of who we really are as a nation. 

We cannot let the mainstream media dictate who we are, the Filipinos is not a reflection of a Vice Ganda Movie, or Vic Sotto movie- this is not the Filipino Taste and this is not how we want the world to define this generation. 

Simon Pedro M. Suplido © 2018